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Baby room floor cleaner

Baby room floor cleaner

Green Up for Babies is the Solution.

This is a concentrated cleaning and polishing floor cleaner which also disinfects and is antibacterial. It is water based, ecological and readily biodegradable. It is suitable for cleaning, sanitizing and polishing all kinds of flooring including ceramic, granite, porcelain, marble, terrazzo, linoleum, PVC, cement, wood deck, colored and metal surfaces.

It dissolves and removes dirt, fats and oil. It eliminates bad smells. It does not discharge toxic gas or have the synthetic harsh smell typical to cleaners.
It does not interfere with or damage breathing airways. It is not toxic or flammable and does not redden or hurt the skin or hands.  
It doesn't contain SLS, carbon solvents or caustic soda.  It doesn't damage surfaces such as stainless steel, plastic or rubber.
It won't leave a greasy or sticky layer on the surface and is not slippery.
It can be applied to wet surfaces.

It is antibacterial and kills micro-organisms, mold and fungus.​

Green Up Baby Floor Cleaner is liquid. Don't heat or mix with other liquids than water. 

 Dilute 0.250 liter of concentrate in 10 liters of regular water .To use with a floor washer: spray or pour a thin layer of diluted Green Up Floor Cleaner and start the machine filled with water only! Use in a regular sequence: wash/scrub- wipe/suck and collect. To use in a manual wash: spray or pour a thin layer of diluted Green Up Floor Cleaner on the floor and scrub with a broom, brush or wipe off with a cloth according to the size and type of surface you are cleaning. Regular use of this product will lessen the amount of material needed for cleaning and sanitizing.

Baby Green Floor Cleaner is quality ecological products have been developed for home use. They are responsible answers to the wise use of biodegradable products which protect us all—human, animal and environment.

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