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Green Up New Developing Product

Green Life Group New Developing Product Green Life Group is a start-up company which has done extensive experimental trials and has successfully developed a new product (Green Up C) which effectively destroys every kind of mite. Green Up C targets places in which mites are found such as chicken coops, sheep pens and cow sheds. During 2016 our development team started to treat the problems dealing with poultry. The main objective was to replace existing products which are mostly toxic, pollute the environment and are dangerous to humans and animals. We focused on three main problems involved in raising chickens. -Cleaning and sanitizing the coop against Salmonella, Listeria and a wide range of other bacteria. -Eradicating various parasites which damage poultry such as poultry red mite and others. -Treatment of egg production from the time the egg is laid until the egg is marketed or until chicks are hatched. In cleaning and sanitizing the chicken coop the product we developed efficiently destroys salmonella, Listeria, E-coli and eradicates red mite. The product was checked in field tests with very good results that proved the efficiency of the product. Every stage of treatment in the coop was accompanied by constant laboratory tests. In the places treated by our product and tested there was no salmonella or Listeria or red mite infestation. There was no pollution to the land the coop occupied. In the treatment of eggs the company developed a product which does not damage the egg in any way but prevents the egg from being infected with a wide range of bacteria which could enter the egg immediately after it was laid and before the shell was dry and hardened. In the course of marketing eggs we have changed the way of treating the equipment that comes in contact with the egg. This is a revolutionary new idea in coops which works with our product to produce the desired results. To the egg grower and producer the cost is significantly reduced compared to what they had paid for former products. The treatment of eggs for the production of chicks has also been field tested in a number of trials. Also here the results are very good. Green up C - One Product for All Poultry Cleaning.

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