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Green Up for Fruit & Vegetable

Fruits and vegetables form an important part of mankind’s food cycle. The biggest enemy of fruit and vegetable is decay. Decay is the process in which biological material is decomposed by microorganisms such as bacteria and microscopic fungi.

“Green Up Fruits and Vegetables F&V” is superior in its ability to dissolve and remove oils in a variety of fatty acids and effectively achieve anti-bacterial cleaning of a wide range of micro-organisms including Gram positive/negative bacteria, pathogenic food related bacteria, yeasts and microscopic fungi. After treatment by “Green Up Fruits and Vegetables” the shelf life of fruits and vegetables is lengthened.

Green Up F&V is not flammable, does not emit poisonous gases or synthetic smells which are typical of chemical cleaning agents.

Green Up F&V destroys a wide range of bacteria, microorganisms, fungi and mould while leaving a refreshing scent.

Green Up F&V is especially suitable for cleaning and disinfecting fruits and vegetables. Green Up F&V is very mild, non- toxic and readily biodegradable.

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