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New Green Up Antivirus Corona Product

New Antivirus Corona Product Green Up ABV

A Safe disinfectant and powerful sterilizer, biodegradable, water based Antibacterial and Antiviral product special against Corona Virus.

GREEN UP ABV is a powerful non chlorinated product for the disinfecting of rooms, halls, closed spaces surfaces special for public. Does not damage rubber, plastic, metals or stainless steel surfaces.

GREEN UP ABV is a water based degreaser and oil dispersant, which contains a strong bactericide it is a versatile cleaning agent for meat and food preparation areas. It is effective against a wide range of micro organisms including Gram positive/negative bacteria, Viruses, pathogenic food related bacteria, yeasts and fungi.

GREEN UP ABV is a non tainting, free rinsing, streak free, sanitizerfor food environments, where the sterilization of surfaces is also required.


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