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Baby F&V Cleaner

Fruit and Vegetable Anti Bacterial Cleaning

Baby Green Fruit and Vegetable Soap Cleaner

Green Up for Babies is the Solution.

When preparing food for babies, toddlers and children it is especially important that the ingredients used are nourishing and fresh. When using fruits and vegetable it is crucial that they are free from pesticides or residues that linger on the produce. Decay is the process in which biological material is decomposed by microorganisms such as bacteria and microscopic fungi.

Baby Green Fruit and Vegetable Soap Cleaner It’s ecological water based liquid for washing, cleaning , dissolves and removes oils and  fatty acids which achieves anti-bacterial cleaning of a wide range of micro-organisms including Gram positive/negative bacteria, pathogenic food related bacteria, yeasts and microscopic fungi. It is very mild, non-toxic and readily biodegradable.

 It is unscented and free of chemicals. There are no petroleum-based ingredients, sulfates, parbens or chlorine used. This is a natural components product that does not have any animal products and was not animal tested. It contains natural herbal extracts.

Baby Green quality ecological products have been developed after years of research and testing. They are responsible answers to the wise use of biodegradable products which protect us all—human, animal and environment.

This product is for external use only and not to be ingested.


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